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This fitness plan is best suitable for intermediate to advance level fitness enthusiasts who want to prepare for professional fitness competitions, i.e. Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Physical Tests, etc.


  • 90 Days Exclusive Diet with total calories mentioned for each meal & Total Calories per day + Advance Workouts with variations in a PDF File
  • A customized caloric surplus OR caloric deficit diet plan based on your fitness goals. i.e. - Fat-loss & Lean Muscle Building
  • Advance workouts with variations schedule to effectively achieve your fitness goals 2X faster
  • Regular chat-based follow-ups every 3-4 days from our end to track your ongoing fitness progress
  • 15 FREE call-based consultation of worth ₹2235/- to answer all fitness related queries.
  • Health monitoring through analyzing your complete body lab test reports


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